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Supertan Luxury Sunbed

The benefits of tanning:

  • Sunbathing, with natural sunlight or artificial UV rays, stimulates the production of Melanin in the skin resulting in an attractive tan, promoting the feeling of being well.
  • Exposure to UV light helps to improve certain conditions such as Psoriasis, Eczema and Acne.
  • Production of Vitamin D3 is increased.
  • Calcium deposition in bones is improved.
  • UVB can improve the quality of blood and reduce some toxic materials.
(Information taken from HELIONOVA)

Information and Prices:

Standup sunbed in our PRIVATE air conditioned room  -   70p per min

The sunbed is a Helionova 8000 Ultra Sun Power Tower.

Goggles/eye protection is provided and must be worn as closing eyelids will not protect your eyes from damage.  Failure to wear the provided eye protection can result in conditions such as Cataracts, resulting in long term damage.

We recommend a minimum of 24hrs lapses between each sunbed session and 48hrs for clients with fair/sensitive skin that tans with difficulty and tends to burn easily.


30 minutes - £20.00

60 minutes - £40.00

90 minutes - £50.00

120 minutes - £55.00

Please Note:

The tan achieved from indoor tanning systems offers limited protection against natural sunlight.

Age 18 and over only.  You may be asked for proof of age.

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