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The Tangle TeezerŽ

There are three stages to gorgeous looking hair and we have the hairbrush that helps you every step of the way.

Did you know you could be your hair's worst enemy without even knowing it?

Hair breakage and cuticle damage is caused by inappropriate brushes that mistreat the hair when trying to de-tangle it. Therefore preventing this is the key to luxurious hair.

Switching to Tangle Teezer will help reduce this type of damage, putting thicker and healthier hair within your reach.


Shaun P, a celebrity colour technician with over 25 years of hair care experience, is the genius inventor behind the Tangle Teezer.

Tangle Teezer is an award winning professional de-tangling hairbrush, at fantastic value for money prices.

The patented teeth of the brush are used on all the Tangle Teezer hairbrushes, but it's the functionality and creative design of each one that helps make up your complete haircare cycle.

Each stage is as individual as your hair.

WASH ~ De-tangle and Condition in the Shower

BRUSH ~ From wet to dry, this is your hairbrush hero

HAIR FABULOUS ~ Wind blown hair, just don't care, pop one in your bag!

Easy as
One ~ Two ~ Three

The Tangle Teezer Range includes: 

Flower Pot - A revolution in children's hair care. The new     Tangle Teezer Flowerpot is a gentle detangling flower brush for children, complete with secret storage pot to keep safe all their pretty clips and hair accessories. Watch tangles and tears disappear like magic, as they brush their hair. 

Compact Styler - Tangle Teezers latest innovation that slips fashionably into your bag, complete with protective cover for the teeth, so it is constantly ready to tame your tresses like an expert at a moment's notice. Don't let your style be caught without one.

Elite - The original Tangle Teezer professional de-tangling hairbrush is loved by hairdressers worldwide and is a favourite in professional hair salons. It's a super smooth operator that works the minute hair is lathered and rinsed. It glides through wet, vulnerable and colour treated hair with no pulling, tugging or yanking.

Smoothing Tool -The Blow-Styling Smoothing Tool takes your hair from wet to dry in one simple step, delivering a quick, smooth and gentle blow-dry. Looks like a Paddle brush & available in full & half sizes.

Round Tool - The Blow-Styling Round Tool takes your hair from wet to dry in one simple step, delivering a blow-dry full of natural bounce and volume. Available in both large & small size.

The Ultimate Finishing Brush - Designed to dry-style and finish the hair The Ultimate Finishing Hairbrush creates great up-dos, adds volume and maintains hair extensions.

Hair peace at last!

Every style, colour, size and type are available at Reception - Don't forget to purchase your own personal Teezer before you go!

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Tangle Teezer Magic Flowerpot Pink and Blue
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Tangle Teezer Original Glitter Purple
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Tangle Teezer Original Pink

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